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Interactive Map of the MRGT

You can click on each of the colored trail sections for more info.

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Open to the Public
Click here for a link to the only section of the MRGT that is currently open to the public.

Other Maps
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2021-08 MRGT Event Map 1 A.jpg

MRGT Overview:  The Merrimack River Greenway Trail will stretch from Boscawen to Pembroke.  The northern half will sit on the abandoned Northern New Hampshire Railroad right of way.  The southern half will be a riverside greenway trail.  It will be all paved and 12 feet wide downtown and 10 feet wide elsewhere. (Click image to zoom in.)

Downtown Detail:  This is one conceptual layout of the ultimate full buildout of the Merrimack River Greenway Trail.

Microsoft Word - 2023-05-27 MRGT Downtown Detail Map.docx.jpg

GSRT Overview:  The Granite State Rail Trail will stretch from Lebanon to Salem, providing off road recreation and non-motorized transportation opportunities for thousands of families living in proximity of abandoned railroad corridors.  This is a very, very long range goal that will be achieved by a number of trail advocacy groups like ours.

MRGT Bird's Eye.jpg

Aerial view of the Merrimack River Greenway Trail and beyond, looking south to Salem.

Terrill Park Map.jpg

First section of Merrimack River Greenway Trail

Completed fall 2020

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