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2023 Campaign

Your Giving Tuesday donation will help build the next two sections of the Merrimack River Greenway Trail.

2023 was an important year in the growth of the trail.  As the result of years of successful fund‑raising, all the money is in place to build the Sunflowers section, about 0.75 mile of trail south of Loudon Road, in spring 2024.  A county grant, a federal grant, funds from the city, and a $155,000 contribution from Friends of the Merrimack River Greenway Trail (FMRGT)--donated by local companies and generous individuals like you--will make this possible.

So what's next?  Two opportunities.


First, Concord continues to work with CSX Railways and the New Hampshire Department of Transportation to acquire the 5.8 miles of abandoned rail corridor along the Merrimack River.  Once that happens, work can begin on a 1.8‑mile stretch between the southern end of the Northern Rail Trail (NRT) and Sewalls Falls Road.


The great news for this project is that the city has already secured $1,000,000 in funding from the state and federal governments.  The daunting news is that it will require a $250,000 match, which FMRGT has pledged to help raise.

The other opportunity involves a connecting trail from the Loudon Road bridge down to the Sunflowers section.  The city will be rebuilding that bridge in 2026, and the time to ensure safe access from the west side of Concord to the trail is then.


The city will take care of the bridge, but FMRGT will be responsible for funding the connecting trail, which is estimated will cost between $75,000 and $85,000.

The $155,000 donated to the City this year wasn’t raised in one year, and the money for these upcoming sections won’t be raised in a single year either.  That’s why we’re asking for your help now, even though it could be a while until more trail is built.


One dollar at a time, one section at a time, with your help, we’ll get this trail built!

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We will be giving away 50 gift cards, worth $25 each, which will be given out to donors as follows:

  • Part 1: Up to 35 cards, up to 5 per day, will be given to the first 5 donors who donate $50 or more each day for the first 7 days of the campaign.

    • To qualify, a donation must be $50 or more.

    • To qualify, a donation must be by credit card.

    • To win, the donation must be among the first five received each day.

    • Only one card will be given per person per day.

    • Part 1 will run for 7 days, Tuesday, Nov. 28, 2023 -- Monday, Dec. 4, 2023.

    • Any cards not awarded on any day will be rolled over to be given away in Part 2.

    • Winners will be announced daily on this page at the end of each day.

  • Part 2: 15 cards (plus cards rolled over from Part 1, if any) will be given to donors whose names are drawn at random from all qualifying donors during the entire campaign.

    • To qualify, a donation must be for $10.00 or more.

    • To qualify, donations must be received between Tuesday, Nov. 28, 2023 and 11:59 pm Wednesday, Jan. 10, 2024.

    • Donation can be by any means described on this page (credit card, check, Venmo, etc.)

    • Each donor will be entered only once.

    • Donors during Part 1 will be entered in Part 2.

    • The drawing will be on Thursday, Jan. 11, 2024 at Margaritas in Concord.

    • Winners will be announced on Jan. 11, 2024 on this page

  • Gift cards must be used between January 1, 2024 and February 29, 2024.  They can be used at any Margaritas Mexican Restaurant location.  Gift cards can only be used for in-restaurant orders for food and non-alcoholic beverages.

  • Trustees of Friends of the MRGT and their immediate families will not be eligible.


    Questions and answers

    • Can I win more than once?  Absolutely!  If you are one of the first five donors donating $50, and do it every day, for all seven days, you would win seven gift cards.  Without making further donations, your name would also be entered (once) for the Part 2 drawing and, if your name is drawn, you would win another card.

    • Can I win more than one gift card per day?  No.  Individual winners will be limited to one card per day.

    • Do checks count? Yes and no.

      • To be eligible for Part 1, donations must arrive by credit card and must come through our credit card portal, which is hosted by Zeffy.

      • To be eligible for Part 2, any donation of $10 or more, received between Nov. 28, 2023, and 11:59 pm, Jan. 10, 2024, including by check, will entitle the donor to one chance of winning one of 15 or more gift cards.

Don't forget, win or lose, your Giving Tuesday donation will help build the next two sections of the Merrimack River Greenway Trail, which is a win for all of us!

Progress Report


  • Patricia Upham

  • Greg Bakos

  • Virginia Mierins

  • Harry Bosselman

  • Scott Clark

  • Courtney Lockwood

  • Jeanne North

  • Anonymous

  • Anonymous

Margaritas gift card winners:

  • Tuesday, 11/28​

    • Patricia Upham

    • Courtney Lockwood

    • Jeanne North

  • Wednesday, 11/29

  • Thursday, 11/30

  • Friday, 12/1

  • Saturday, 12/2

  • Sunday, 12/3

  • Monday, 12/4

  • Part B, 1/11/24

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