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Trustee Policies

Policy on external communication

Approved by the Board of Trustees [date]

All FMRGT official written communication outside the Board shall be on FMRGT letterhead and signed by either the Chair or the President and only after receiving concurrence by the other.  Either officer may require concurrence by the Board.


No other Trustee is authorized to sign external communications.


Any Trustee may express his or her own external written opinion (e. g., letter to the editor) related to or mentioning the MRGT only after receiving written email concurrence by the Chair of the Board or the President.

Policy on reimbursement

Approved by the Board of Trustees [date]

Any Officer, Trustee or volunteer who needs to purchase goods or services on behalf of FMRGT, and who wishes to be reimbursed, shall obtain the written concurrence of one officer (not including the Treasurer), by email, in advance.  The email should include a description of the item or service and a final estimate of the cost.

The Treasurer shall include evidence of prior approval in the treasury file.

An expense incurred without prior concurrence may be submitted to the Board of Trustees for acceptance.  The Board may either (1) accept the expense as reimbursable, (2) accept the expense as a donation. or (3) not accept the expense. 



All Trustees

  • Attend meetings

  • TBD



  • Can sign letters with concurrence of Chair

  • Can sign checks

  • Can use debit card up to [TBD] on own authority.

  • Uses debit card over [TBD] with pre-approval of one other officer, via email.



Vice President

  • Same as President during absence of President

  • Becomes President immediately upon vacancy of President



Chair, Board of Trustees

  • Can sign letters with concurrence of President

  • Can sign checks

  • Can use debit card up to [TBD] on own authority.

  • Uses debit card over [TBD] with pre-approval of one other officer, via email.




  • TBD



Assistant Secretary

  • TBD




  • Can sign checks

  • Coordinate with Accountant to ensure correct entry of all transactions.

  • Prints and distributes Treasurer’s Reports to trustees before Board meetings.

  • Signs and submits tax return.

  • Pays bills



Assistant Treasurer

  • Provides checks and balances to Treasurer

  • Checks bank and PayPal accounts regularly and at COB the last day of each month.

  • Checks the PO Box at least weekly and on the last business day of each month.

  • Sends photos of the top of each check received (without the signature for security reasons) to Accountant, Treasurer and Thank You Letter Manager (and President until further notice).

  • Deposits checks at MCSB within 36 hours or by the end of the last business day of the month, whichever is earlier.

  • Sends photo of deposit slip to Accountant and Treasurer (and President until further notice).

  • Can write checks but can not sign.



Executive Committee 

  • TBD



Fundraising Committee

  • TBD



Trail Committee

  • TBD



Events Committee

  • TBD



Finance Committee

  • TBD



Nominating Committee

  • TBD



Marketing & Outreach Committee

  • TBD




  • Maintains website

  • Changes password to “Members Only” website page.

  • Distributes new password to trustees.

  • Deletes login credentials for all MRGT accounts


Kiosk Caretaker

  • Checks condition regularly

  • Keeps content fresh and appealing


Volunteer Coordinator

  • TBD



Information Manager

  • TBD




  • Enters all transactions into accounting system.

  • Makes sure accounting system is up to date and reconciled against bank statements at least one day before each Board meeting, unless meeting is on the first day of the month, in which case, the deadline would be noon of that day.

  • Provides information needed for tax return.

  • Helps prepare tax return.



Thank You Trustee

  • Sends timely thank you letters or appropriate acknowledgements to donors.

Responsibilites approved by the Board {date}

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