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Do I have everything?


Let's start with the obvious!  This is not your average "tri".  Not only are the distances shorter, but the traditional swim is swapped out for a "paddle" leg, which means you won't get wet, and you'll get to have a taste of what the Merrimack River offers from the water!

Be aware that this triathlon is taking place on trails and grass.

It's meant to showcase the future location of the MRGT.

Please prepare and plan accordingly.

Equipment Checklist:

BIKE (1st Leg)

Mountain bike, or at the very least, a hybrid (no skinny tires!) with end caps on handle bars, helmet, sunglasses (optional), water bottle (optional).

Run (2nd Leg)

Running shoes, hat (optional), sunglasses (optional)

Paddle (3rd Leg)

Any human powered watercraft is acceptable for the paddle.  This includes kayaks, stand-up paddle boards, canoes, and rowing shells.  (Be sure to bring a lifejacket/ PFD!)  If you have a craft that you're not sure about, just ask!  If you need to borrow a vessel, let us know as early as possible, and we'll help you secure one!
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