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Community Impact

The first phase of the Merrimack River Greenway Trail will provide valuable social, emotional, physical, economic and environmental health benefits to Concord and the surrounding community. These include:


  • A healthier, more vibrant city

  • Increased attractiveness to young urban professionals and young families

  • Fewer cars on the road, leading to decreased car-related pollution

  • A more “walkable” city

  • A more “bikeable” city

  • Improved community health

  • More tourists and visitors

  • Increased downtown area business and shopping activity

  • Increased opportunity to enjoy nature

  • Increased property values, due to increased outdoor opportunities

  • Increased awareness and appreciation of the Merrimack River

  • Greater car-free accessibility

  • The beginning of the much longed for two-mile downtown loop

  • Increased development opportunities

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