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The following was extracted from the 2021 Strategic Plan

3. Vision

We envision a paved trail allowing access to explore the area along the Merrimack River through Concord, and attracting residents and visitors to the outdoors to enjoy a valuable resource - the shores of the Merrimack River.

Our vision includes not only recreational activities such as walking, hiking, cycling, snow-shoeing, roller-blading, bird watching, and accessibility to those using strollers and wheelchairs, but also providing a means of easy access to connect people to where they live, work, shop and play.


4. Mission

Our mission is to provide the residents and visitors of Concord, New Hampshire with a paved trail that will augment the City’s opportunities for non-motorized transportation and active recreation along the Merrimack River. Our efforts will preserve regionally and locally significant natural and cultural resources. We seek to enhance the natural environment and quality of life for present and future generations. We strive to achieve balance between the natural environment and our enjoyment of it.

5. Values

We value:

  • the beauty and proximity of the Merrimack River which flows through the heart of Concord;

  • the contribution that a paved trail will make toward community and individual health and wellbeing;

  • the beneficial contribution to Concord’s future by sponsors and volunteers working hand in hand with business and municipal leaders;

  • the strengthened sense of community pride resulting from community leaders, public officials and local businesses collaborating toward a common vision for the benefit of the City of Concord;

  • the connection between Concord’s history and future that can be linked by reintroducing residents to their river;

  • safe places for residents to walk, on a surface that is welcoming to people of all abilities and separated from motor vehicle traffic;

  • the potential of a paved multi-use trail for attracting low impact tourism to Concord;

  • the “sense of place” that comes from reintroducing the natural waterway, green space and

    wildlife, and making it accessible to residents.

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