Fundraising Campaigns

We gladly accept donations any time, 24/7/365.  In addition, we conduct occasional campaigns aimed at raising funds to (1) meet routine operational expenses and (2) to be prepared to jump at opportunities that pop up from time to time.


Since our early days, we have had annual year-end fundraising campaigns, which we conduct in-house by email.  Recently, we have also participated in "NH Gives", which is conducted statewide by the NH Charitable Foundation (NHCF). 


Friends of the MRGT Year End Fundraiser

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[When there is an active campaign underway, the logo would be linked to a web version of the outgoing email.  For now, this page will be hidden from the public.  At the right time, it will be unhidden.]


NH Gives

New Hampshire Gives is an annual, 24-hour, statewide fundraising event open to all New Hampshire nonprofits.  This year, NH Gives will run from 5:00 pm June 8 until 5:00 pm June 9.

NH Gives is run as a service for nonprofits by a for-profit company called "GiveGab".  GiveGab assesses a fee of 7.5% for its services.  As a donor, you can elect to pay the fee and GiveGab will send us 100% of your net donation.  Please note that, if you elect to pay the fee, the fee will not be a tax deductible (since it's paid to a for-profit company).

When you donate through NH Gives, 92.5 percent of your gross donation goes to building the trail.  If  you elect to pay the 7.5% fee on top of the donation, 100 percent of your net donation goes to the trail.