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Here are some tips for a successful triathlon experience, for newbies and for veterans alike.


1.) Train on the bike you're going to race on.

Adjust the seat, post, and handlebars to your liking. Fully inflate the tires. The handlebars must have end plugs.

2.)  Wear a helmet

Bike helmets must be worn during the bike leg of the race.

3.) Consider wearing water shoes when launching your watercraft.

The paddle portion of the triathlon will be a wet launch, which means we'll be walking into the river to put kayaks and other equipment into the water.  (Volunteers will be there to help.) The area will be cleaned to the best of our ability, but there is always the possibility of sharp rocks, etc. while launching.  Please use caution!

4.) Invest in good running shoes.

Poor quality or worn out shoes will cause injuries.

5.) Pace yourself

Don't go all out at the beginning of each leg.  Know your body, your fitness level and pace yourself for a successful and rewarding experience.

6.)  Compete Safely

The general rule of thumb is to always pass on the left.  Please keep this in mind, and allow for faster athletes to pass.  Don't make sudden turns on the bike, and shout "On your left" when passing.
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