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Honor Roll
2020 Year-End Fundraising Campaign
Between December 1, 2020 and January 15, 2021, over a hundred people and companies collectively donated $13,650, topping our goal by $1,150.  That was matched, at the rate of two dollars for one, up to $25,000 by the You Have Our Trust Fund of Fidelity Charitable, yielding a total of:
All of it has been earmarked for Phase 2 of the Merrimack River Greenway Trail.

David & Monique Scharlotte

Courtney Lockwood

Jack Dianis

Rebecca Vigneault


Don Hayes

Barbara And Peter Reid

Maria Noel Groves

Barbara Lemieux

Dick Lemieux

Glen Rodgers

James & Mary Fougere

George Dubreuil

Ron Rayner

James Bomerbach

James & Susan Milliken

Marguerite Orazi

Steven & Kimberly Arndt

David Keller

Amanda Grappone Osmer

Robert & Audrey Knight

Charlie Churilla

Joel Berman

Walter & Linda Kilareski

David Ross

Walter Fortier

Mary Anne Chapman

Robert & Theresa Estabrook

Kenneth Lurvey

Jeanne North

David M. Burrowes

Susan Champney

Chris Hallowell

The Brent Todd Family

Sarah Sadowski

Linda Gould

Anonymous by request

Larry Haynes (in honor of Amanda Grappone Osmer)

Stephen F Walsh


Christopher Moore

Lindley Kinerk

Greg Bakos

Sherilyn & Gary Young

Don Brueggemann

Constantly Pizza

Silent “E” Fund, NHCF


Dave Topham

Sharon Nall

S & W Sports

Daniel Luker

Virginia Babczak

Community Chiropractic

Pat Dahme

Peggy Herbert

Aesthetic Dental Center

Jean Lawrie

Christine Vigneault

Stephen Elgert

Nobis Engineering

Douglas Murphy

Margaret Stumb

Chris Kane

David Harris

Kay Campbell

​Shawn LaFrance

Dhanna Foundation, via Fidelity

Joe Olimpio

Kathy Everest

Cathy Mayne

Jeff Abbe

Roland Berube

Wendy Waskin

Jeanne North

Dick Lemieux

Mike Fraysse

Karen Moore

Lelia Mellen

Claudia Prendergast

Patricia & David Immen

Marguerite Orazi

Rick Silverberg

Patrice Rasche

Boyd Smith

Deborah Broderick

Tom Christensen

Dale Arnt

Steven Allenby

Sam Evans-Brown

Don Hayes

Tom Howell

Dave Burdette

Tom Christensen

David Howe

Susan Woods

Paul Susca

Marc Gaudette

June Tillotson

Dick Lemieux

Kelly Ovitt Puc

Robert Goodwin

Jane Munson


Ann Hebert

Hans Whipple

James Smith

Laurel Horne & Andy Duncan

Kenneth Clark

Thomas Pedersen

Joan Newman Audley

Patrice Rasche

(Listed in the order received)

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